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Not tested on Animals

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Active 20+

      Manuka Honey           Real CrushedPearls          Marine Collagen             Kakadu Plum              Botanical Extracts    

Everyone is born with beautiful skin but as you get older, your age, the environment and stress take away some of that youthful glow. What if you can restore it with the help of a little secret? What if we told you rather than spending countless $$$ on an endless line of Products that fall short every single time and buying into false hopes, that you are just seconds away from discovering something that will change the way you look at Skin care forever? Manuka Honey is Nature's best kept secret that truly works wonders for the skin and we only use the Purest and the highest grade of Manuka honey (Bio active 2o+).



But wait that's just half the story. We have spent years perfecting our formula in the lab with our Certified cosmetologists working on a 'Results oriented' range of products that work Every single time, by adding Ocean minerals, Marine Collagen, Crushed pearls ​and Botanical extracts along with Manuka Honey, all combined to give you a very noticeable result from your very first application.

  Complete Day and Night care System   


 Mineral Replensihing Eye cream  will be looking after the sensitive skin around your eyes throughout the day, It smoothes wrinkles and fine lines, eliminates dark circles and gets rid of puffiness promoting long term moisture retention.



  Step 2.  


  Step 1.  



 Pure Ocean Day cream with sun protection  will be looking after your skin throughout the day, perfectly balancing your skins pH level making sure it's well moisturised. It's has a natural sun block which provides the skin with extra protection against the sun




This is an overall facial care which is specifically designed to compliment each other, This is a 4 way targeting system which gives your face 24 hours protection. This is an 'All you need' system as it provides your skin with nourishment and protection every step of the way as the day progresses.





 Facial Scrub With Crushed Pearls  will be looking after you when you get home, it gently removes dirt and grim and eliminates bacteria leaving your skin feeling refreshed and invigorated.



  Step 3.  




 Rich Mineral Night cream  will be looking after you at night while you get a good nights sleep.  Infused with essential vitamins and nutrients it heals your skin from any damage making you look fresh, revitalised and radiant upon waking up.



  Step 4.  


      Try the Complete Day and Night care Systerm for Only $159



   What folks are saying about us...    

We work hard to make sure our customers are fully satisfied with our products, So we also take pride
in all the amazing feedback we get in return. All our feedbacks are genuine from everyday people just like you.




My skin is tighter looks beautiful and is glowing without being shiny. Thank you for producing Oceanic Gold, it's really worth gold!


-Mariana A. Queensland, Australia

I got some of your products from the pharmacy as I was curious to try manuka honey. Your skin care have proved it can do magic for the skin with manuka. I have to say I am loving you eye cream as I have no more annoying eye bags and less
dark circles. I thank you for it and will definately be your permanent customer.


- Claire T. New South Wales, Australia



I recently bought some of your rich night cream to try when I was at Paddington markets during a short trip to Sydney, I have finished
the cream and found it to be unbelievable and one of the best prodcuts I have ever used in my life.


- Jessica P. Victoria, Australia


I absolutely love the eye cream and my partner is already seeing the benefit of your prodcuts on him as well, Many Thanks.


- D.W. Western Australia, Australia


This is truly a simplicity of natural prodcuts for curing, softening and brightening of skin with all it's wonderful
naural properties


- Dr Kamkolkar GP. New South Wales, Australia



My skin does feel smooth as result of the day cream and night cream, Your prodcuts are simply great.


- Sarah F. Cyprus, Europe


I have used a lot of other products but your skin care has really made me more confident facing the camera as my face has become more vibrant.
Thank you so much!


- Monica L. Model, Dublin, Ireland.



Ocanic Gold products are just divine!! I have been using the scrub and day cream for over a month and my skin is glowing! Thank you.


- Dr Sangeeta K. Endocrinologist Celevland clinic. Ohio, United Sates of America



I bought your whole range from The Rocks markets and am thoroughly enjoying it, I wish I could buy this in my country.


- Cindy M. Tokyo, Japan.



Ocanic Gold products are just divine!! I have been using the scrub and day cream for over a month and my skin is glowing! Thank you.


- Dr Sangeeta K. Endocrinologist Celevland clinic. Ohio, United Sates of America




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